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Gift Card-style Icing Cookies with Floral Decoration

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Decorate your cookies with a delicate floral design!
Learn how to make gift card-style cookies with pretty icing flowers and leaves!

This tutorial teaches you how to make cookies in the shape of a greeting card.
These cookies with delicate floral icing look fancy and elegant.

There is a space to write your own message in the middle
and they are perfect as a little gift by themselves or attached to other gifts.

Make your special cookies by writing your original greeting messages!

You will make the design by drawing lines with icing,
so the lesson is suited for those who already have a basic icing experience.

In addition to how to make floral icing, Makiko Ikeda also shares
the recipes for cookie dough and ice cream in the first half of the tutorial.

You will learn the correct thickness of the dough for icing cookies
as well as icing colors required to make the elegant cookies in this lesson.

The video also explains:

●Tips on drawing long/short icing lines
●How to blend the border between two icing colors
●How to draw stitched flowers with icing
●How to add movement and details to the design

and much more.

The cookies shown in the tutorial are decorated with purple and yellow flowers on a gray background,
but what colors you use on your cookies is entirely up to you.

The cookies can have very different looks depending on the colors you use,
so choose the most suitable colors for your recipient!

Those of you who don't own a gift card cookie cutter
can make your own cutter with plastic document sleeves.

For icing cookie beginners, there is also Tag Cookies" tutorial available,
which lets you start with simpler designs!
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