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Risorty Flower

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A lovely flower design inspired by tropical resorts!
Let's learn how to create a flower design that's perfect for spring and summer!

Today's flower design has resort vibes and uses lots of summery colors.

This tutorial will explain the best way to draw petals as well as the order in which petals should be drawn to achieve the best effect!

Since we'll be using lots of vibrant colors, the gradient of each petal is the key
in ensuring that the design stays elegant and gentle and doesn't stand out too much.

Learn how to create a flawless gradient for each petal so that
even when we use lots of different colors, the vibe of the overall design stays soft and airy.

Each step in creating a perfect gradient will be explained in this tutorial.

Everything from how to mix two gel polishes together
to the right amount of gel polish to use to draw each petal will be covered as well.

In addition to that,

◆the order in which each flower should be drawn as well as their ideal position on the nail
◆the best way to ensure the colors stay bright and vibrant
◆an easy method to clean up the edges of the petals to make sure they stay sharp
◆a quick solution if you want to tone down the overall design

and much more will be covered in this lesson!

You'll also learn how to retouch any unsatisfactory petals, so it's also highly recommended for beginners who aren't comfortable with flower designs!

Once you've mastered the basic technique, you can make it in any colors you like.

The colors of each gel polish that will be used in today's lesson will be introduced at the start of the video,
so feel free to use any colors you like to create a Risorty Flower of your own!

If you choose to use bright, vibrant colors like the ones in this video, it's perfect for summer,
but if you choose to use deeper, darker colors, it could turn into a lovely design for autumn too.

Since this flower design can be modified in an unlimited number of ways, it'll surely come in useful in your salon work as well.
Have fun experimenting and adding your own spin to the design!