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Fragrance Rose

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About this video
A flower art great for all seasons!
In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a rose with gauziness using an air brush!

For this lesson, a rose artwork with a delicate impression will be taught.
The process in making versatile flowers that can be used for an entire year at salon works by changing its colros will be instructed.

The greatest feature of the Fragrance Rose is the flower's gauziness.
The gauziness allows the flower to build delicateness and elegance.

For today the process in making this flower with gauziness will be thoroughly explained!
The points in making a delicate petal will be carefully explained.

Before treating the tip, the method in making an airy petal by
applying it to the paper pallet will be taught from scratch.

Also, the order in making a petal that expresses the beauty of
transparent petals overlapping each other will be explained as well.

It will be a lesson filled with content.


◆How to create a pretty gradation petal using an air brush
◆The correction method when the outline of the petal isn't removed smoothly
◆The extra effort in emphasizing the outline
◆How to create transparency even if you used black as the base color

will also be taught.

The rose is drawn using a white based color, but the second half of the lesson
will be teaching how to leave transparency on the flower even when using black.

Once you master the technique, you can arrange the colors however you wish.

In order to make the flower transparent, color selection is also important
so choosing the correct color is also explained.

Moreover, the method in using the air brush introduced in this lesson is applicable in many fields of flower art.

This delicate artwork abundant in arrangement variations will no doubt be successful in
salon works so please learn and try it out with different colors!
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