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Fragrance Rose

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A flower art great for all seasons!
In this lesson, you will learn how to use an airbrush to draw a gossamer-like rose!

Learn a delicate rose design in this tutorial.
The instructor will teach how to create versatile flowers that can be used in your salon all year long, simply by changing the colors.

The greatest feature of the Fragrance Rose is the flower's gauzy quality.
You can evoke delicacy and elegance through the flower's transparency.

This video thoroughly explains the steps for making these gossamer flowers!
It will carefully demonstrate how to create delicate petals.

Before painting on the nail tip, the instructor begins by creating wispy flower petals
on a paper palette so you can easily see and follow every step.

She will also explain points like the order of petals to paint
in order to evoke the beauty of sheer, layered petals.

The video is chock-full of great pointers.

In addition, the tutorial also explains:

◆How to use an airbrush to create beautiful gradient petals
◆How to fix misshaped petals
◆That one extra step to make the petal outlines stand out
◆How to create transparency even with a black base color

and much more.

The tutorial demonstrates how to paint a rose on top of a white base,
but it will also explain how to create a sheer flower on a black background.

Once you master the technique, you can arrange the colors however you wish.

The color selection is important to creating a transparent effect
so the instructor will explain how to choose the best colors.

In addition, the airbrush method used in this lesson is applicable to many other kinds of flower art.

This delicate artwork with unlimited possible color variations will no doubt be
a huge hit at the salon, so please give it a go and try it with your favorite colors!
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