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One of Miki's popular nail artworks!
The video will teach you how to make a tweed-pattern nail design!

This lesson shows the process of making Miki's style of tweed art.
The tweed design is a classic winter nail art. This video explains the process of applying this art on the nail as well as how to make the tweed-patterned nail accessories.

There are many varieties of tweed nail, but a notable feature of Miki's tweed patterns is its
realistic structure.

This texture is actually made by applying a certain extra step
which easily makes a realistic tweet pattern.

This lesson focuses on how to create such texture.

The method slightly differs depending on whether you apply the design on the nail or on the nail accessories.
So the reason for the differences are also carefully explained.


◯how to draw a line to achieve a realistic tweed look
◯how to choose a color that creates a pretty tweed pattern
◯the key in finalizing the tweed through coating
◯the key in making beautifully shaped nail accessories

will also be taught.

After the nail accessories are made, the video will show the process all the way up to placing them on the nail tip and decorating,
so you can directly apply what you have learend in the salon work!

Those who do not wear tweed patterned clothings can also enjoy the mainstream winter design
by applying it on their nails!

By changing the colors, you can create different looks,
so the nail art is recommendable to a wide range of customers!

This design is perfect for the winter, but by using brown, bordeaux and pink
it can also be a Valentine's nail and will definitely be useful in your salon work.

So please master the method and try making it with different colors!
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