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Watercolor Illustrations: Daisies

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Watercolor lessons for beginners!
You will learn to paint daisies with watercolors in 2 different ways.

In this lesson, learn to paint daisies in 2 different ways,
from a front view and a side view.

shiho will explain in detail starting from the drafting process.

Black outlines are characteristic of botanical illustrations,
and outlining with a thin pen can make the illustration look more delicate.

After drafting is the inking process and adding color with watercolor,
and to make it look delicate, it's important to pay attention to what lines to use while inking.

By learning how to paint daisies from the front and the side,
you will learn the skills for composing an illustration and painting with depth.

Real daisies and images of daisies will be used in the lesson,
and why this is important will be explained.

Other than that,

◆ What order you should draw the layering petals so that they look beautiful
◆ How to shade them so that they look three-dimensional
◆ How to show the curves of the petals

and much more will be explained.

You can learn the basics of botanical illustrations,
so beginners should use this chance to try this!

This time, oranges and reds will be used to paint the daisy,
but there are many different orange, pink, and red daisies,
so you can try ones in other colors to give off different moods.

Techniques such as inking that are taught in this lesson can be used in other botanical illustrations,
so please practice a lot.

After mastering this, try combining it with your calligraphy!
It will definitely make your calligraphy nicer.

After mastering botanical illustrations give feathers in watercolor illustrations a try!
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