Watercolor Illustration: Feathers

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A watercolor lesson for beginners!
Learn to draw feathers with watercolor pens and tools.

In this lesson, learn to draw feathers with watercolor paints and pens.

shiho will teach you how to draw it from the drafting process.

Watercolor paintings, which go very well with calligraphy designs shiho specializes in, can be made in two ways.

The first medium will be watercolor paints, which will be taught in the first half of the lesson.

During the lesson, you will be taught the key points on how to layer colors beautifully.

The second medium will be watercolor pens.

Add color with pens that contain ink,
and using a brush and water, you can blend out the colors as you wish.

Beginners can try both mediums and explore which suits them more.

In this lesson, you can learn

◆The order for layering colors so that it doesn't look monotone
◆How to make it look delicate
◆How to add finishing touches

and many more!

You can learn the basics of watercolor painting.

Blues and reds will be used in the lesson, but you can freely choose whatever colors you want.

Combine your favorite colors to paint lots of three-dimensional feathers.

Combine it with your calligraphy after mastering this!

This will definitely make your calligraphy look more fascinating.

After learning to paint feathers, try botanical illustrations of daisies!
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