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Female Anatomy for Comics

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Master how to draw female characters in a comic book style!
Let's start learning from the most basic of the basics!

In this lesson, the extremely popular comic book artist Marcio will be teaching you the basics of drawing the female body!

Involved in the production of comics such as Captain Marvel, Batman and Green Arrow, Marcio is a famous comic book artist known currently for being involved in the Wolverine comics.

Marcio will be teaching you today how to draw female characters while focusing on the basics.

In order to draw female characters with balanced proportions, there are many things that you need to take note of that are different from when you're drawing male characters.

So in this lesson, Marcio will explain in detail all that's needed to draw a balanced female character, focusing especially on the skeletal structure of females.

More specifically, you will learn

◆In what order to draw the parts of the body
◆How to position the parts so that there's balance
◆How to draw characters in motion naturally
◆How the muscles are attached in various parts of the body and which way the bones face

and more. Marcio will teach you how to draw with an understanding of the structure of the female body so that beginners will also be able to grasp the techniques easily.

Once you've understood the unique skeletal structure and muscular makeup of females and mastered the basics of drawing female characters, you'll be able to draw them in various poses!

By keeping in mind each and every point required to draw a balanced female body, you'll be able to draw more natural and lively female characters.

"I'm good at drawing male characters, but I just can't get the hang of female characters..."
"The bodies of my female characters always end up looking unbalanced..."

Those of you with similar thoughts, master the techniques taught by Marcio and make use of them in your creative work!
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