Crepe Paper Rose

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Recommended for beginners to paper flowers making!
A lesson on how to make colorful, dainty crepe paper roses!

In today's lesson, you will be taught how to make use of crepe paper to make large, glamorous, yellow roses!

Crepe paper refers to
paper that has been processed to have many wrinkles or folds.

The increased strength and elasticity due to the wrinkles and folds is its definitive characteristic, but its unique feel resembling Japanese 'washi' paper is also another great appeal.

Recently, handicraft that makes use of such crepe paper to make paper flowers that are strikingly similar to the real flowers is steadily gaining popularity.

With that in mind, the instructor will explain to you how to make a bright yellow rose while teaching you all the basic techniques and tricks to make it well!

More specifically, this tutorial will teach:

◆How to make the base of the flower
◆Tips on how to give the flower petals a realistic curve
◆How to make more natural looking leaves
◆How to make the stem with wires of any thickness

and more. It's a lesson filled with detailed pointers on how to make a beautiful, realistic flower as if it had just sprung up in front of you.

The rose that you will be making today stands out even if you make only one.

Once you master the basics, you can customize it by changing the number of petals or the size of the rose.

Try to make many different types of roses: ones with many layers of overlapping petals, or ones with petals of different shapes.

Today's rose will be yellow, but feel free to use your favorite colors to decorate gifts, or make many roses and arrange it into a bouquet that can be mistaken for a real one.

Why not learn how to make the basic rose and widen the range of paper flower creations you can make?
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