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Something in the Forest: Day.4

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Adorable animal spirits that live in harmony with nature!
Let's learn how to draw these original forest spirits!

In this lesson, Heather will introduce how she came up with the idea for this illustration after visiting Itsukushima, as well as how she creates her original characters.

Taking photos of a place you've been is great, but creating an original piece of work that's inspired by the place you went to will make the memory of your trip and your artwork that much more special.

Why don't you try turning what you see in your head into a real piece of art?

In this lesson, you'll be learning in detail how to draw an entirely unique world that you would only see in anime, learning everything from how to create the forest spirit characters, to how to best use your tools and materials during coloring.

Specifically, you will learn

◆What materials and tools you will need for this illustration
◆How to draft your illustration
◆How to create the characters
◆How to color the illustration
◆The qualities of color pencils and how to best use them

amongst others.
While you will generally be sticking to a single color palette, when you begin to color in the details of the moss or the shadows in the illustration, you will start to realise that there are many techniques that you can use to create a good illustration, such as layering colors and choosing the right tools.

These techniques will all be taugh to you by Heather in this lesson.

In order to make the colors in your illustration vibrant and even, you'll have to make use of the unique characteristics of oil-based color pencils and watercolor pencils to create effects that normal brushes and paints just can't quite achieve.

There is no mistaking that this lesson, with its detailed and wide variety of tips on how to create the image of forest spirits coexisting in a lush and vibrant forest, will be a great help to those who want to try drawing for the first time, or even those who just want to learn how to create their own adorable characters!

Instead of just taking photos, why don't you try a new way of preserving the precious memories of all your travels,
or the beautiful scenery that you are sure to see in the coming seasons?

While the overall vibe of the final drawing is one that is warm and cozy, take this opportunity to learn techniques on how to draw an illustration that feels lively and vibrant, and add it to your repertoire of skills!
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