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Letter-Embroidered Drawstring Pouch with 2 Stitching Techniques

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This lesson comes with Misa's exclusive downloadable pattern!

You can download the pattern from the link below the video.

Learn how to make a letter-embroidered drawstring pouch
with 2 kinds of stitches and a sewing machine(※1)!

This lesson demonstrates how to make a drawstring pouch with
2 types of stitches: chain stitches and outline stitches to embroider the word "Love".

Embroidering letters can be done by combining outline stitches and chain stitches
taught in a previous lesson.

You can create classy and stylish calligraphy letters on various products with these stitches.

However, simply stitching randomly won't result in beautiful letters.

In this lesson, you will learn all the tips on when and how to use
each stitch, and the tips for achieving beautiful lettering.

The first half of the tutorial is intended for beginners to practice how to embroider lettering.
Since you will be practicing first before working on the actual piece, you will be less likely to make mistakes.

In the second half of the lesson, you will learn how to embroider the word "Love" and complete the drawstring pouch.

It's a useful tutorial where you will learn how to make a practical pouch with two strings for closure.

The lesson shows all the steps required to sew together the stitched pieces,
so even embroidery beginners can comfortably follow through!

Knowing how to embroider letters can really expand the kind of products you can make.

It's a must-watch tutorial if you want to create pieces with embroidered letters,
so download the complimentary pattern and practice!

After you have learned all the techniques in this lesson, try creating your own pattern and work on projects with various letters and designs.

※1:The sewing machine is used to assemble the embroidered pieces into a pouch.
※Note: The complimentary pattern is provided for your practice purpose.
Please do not use the pattern to create products for marketing purposes.
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