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Fancy Framed Embroidery Using Just 1 Stitch

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This lesson comes with Misa's exclusive downloadable pattern!

You can download the pattern from the link below the video.

Master outline stitching!
Learn this basic stitch as you make a cute framed embroidery piece.

For today's lesson, we'll put the outline stitch into practice to make a
framed embroidery piece.

The outline stitch is a stitch that is used often when stitching lines.

In this lesson, you'll master the outline stitch as you use it to stitch the "HELLO" design
that will be framed up.

By mastering the outline stitch,
you too will be able to create the lettering embroidery that Misa specializes in.

Misa will explain what she keeps in mind when working on her projects
and tips on how to end up with a beautiful end product.

The first half of the lesson will consist of practicing the outline stitch
by having you stitch straight lines, circles and loops with it.

After that, you'll be jumping into stitching the actual pattern.

Other than how to stitch an outline stitch, and points to note in order to create beautiful stitches, Misa will also teach you about

◆How to add accents to your project so it doesn't look monotonous
◆A small step that will help you stitch even sharp curves beautifully
◆The order in which you should stitch the letters

and more.
She will also explain to you the process of inserting your embroidery into the photo frame.

This is a lesson that beginners to embroidery can also readily challenge themselves to!

As long as you master the outline stitch, the possibilities for customization are endless.

By mastering the contents of this lesson,
you'll be able to make patterns with complicated loops like the one in this lesson.

Master this and make your own framed embrioidery using whatever pattern or words you like!

This framed embroidery is also perfect as a present!
So try creating a design that includes the name of the person you're giving it to.