Figure Drawing - Nude Figure Quick Sketch

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Create a high-level sketch in no time!
Learn everything from the basics of drawing to how to achieve a beautiful three-dimensional figure in this lesson!

In this lesson, using a nude figure as the model, you'll be learning in detail basic drawing techniques, how to measure when drawing, and how to create balance in your drawing, which will help you to create a beautiful three-dimensional figure.

The tricky thing about drawing figures is getting the balance right.

Human bodies tend to be asymmetrical, and different parts of the body are made up of different kinds of muscles.
When drawing figures, it's important to have a good understanding of the form and position of each part of the body.

Even when you have a model right in front of you as you draw, it can be hard to transfer those details onto paper elegantly and accurately.
But fear not, for in this lesson, Kevin will teach you in careful detail how to measure what you draw, as well as how to achieve balance in your drawing.

Specifically, you will learn

◆How to draw construction lines
◆How to draw the figure while mantaining an overall balance
◆How to use your pencil effectively
◆How to add highlights and shadows by being aware of the light source
◆How to ascertain the suitability of your materials and tools
◆The 'lost and found edges' technique

amongst others.
This is an important lesson on the basics of drawing for those who wish to start drawing, or even those who wish to get better at drawing.

When drawing anything, you must have a sense for proportions and be able to ascertain the size and form of what you are looking at.

Even artists who specialise in drawing cartoon characters or non-conventional body shapes have an extremely strong grasp on proportions and a good sense for shape and size.
Being able to create a balanced figure is a key skill when it comes to drawing.

Because human bodies by nature have both round and angular parts, and each part varies in size and shape, drawing figures is the best way to practise drawing shadows and creating balance.

Do take this chance to learn the basic techniques of drawing, improve your own sense of proportion and add a new skill to your repertoire!
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