Basic Head Drawing

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Once you've mastered the basics of drawing eyes, learn how to draw heads!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to draw the human head!

In this lesson, you will be taught in detail how to draw a realistically three-dimensional human head while using shading effectively.

Once you've learned the basics of drawing eyes, you can finally try drawing the entire human head.

You will learn how to draw the head of a woman and begin to understand how to strike a balance between all of the features in a face by learning how to draw each feature in the right position and with the right shape.

You will learn all the techniques needed to produce a realistic drawing as the instructor walks you through the whole process starting with drawing a rough outline, to filling in the details.

More specifically, you will learn

◆How to position all the features in the face so that they are balanced
◆How to add shading naturally and how to create highlights
◆How to make hair look more 3D
◆What not to do when blending the shading
◆How to make the drawing look brighter without adjusting the shading

and more. This is a lesson packed with specific tips and techniques so that even beginners can start drawing immediately.

Once you've grasped these basic drawing techniques taught by Kevin, you'll be able to complete your own potrait that gives off a soft impression with the right touch of clarity.

Striking a balance between all the features, adding highlights and shading are important techniques that are absolutely necessary for drawing portraits of various people.
So do master these techniques, and use them in a broad range of artwork.

Take this chance to learn how to draw realistic, detailed portraits, and continue to refine your drawing skills!