Drawing the Eye

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This lesson will be on a very important facial feature that can change the whole impression of the face!
Let's learn how to draw eyes that are realistic and three-dimensional!

This lesson will be on how to draw eyes, which, when mastered, can improve drawing skills significantly!

Eyes are one of the most important features on a face.

The impression of not just the face, but the entire artwork itself can be swayed by how realistically the eyes are drawn.

To create realistic, vivid eyes, it's important to consider not only the size and shape, but also light reflection and shading as well.

"I've always been bad at drawing eyes..."
"I want to know how to draw more realistic eyes!"

If you've had similar thoughts, this lesson is for you. Kevin will cover the basic techniques of drawing
realistic and three-dimensional eyes, in a way that beginners can understand as well!

In addition to the shape of the eyes, the lesson will be on

◆The tools and preparation needed before starting
◆How to add highlights
◆How to shade
◆The size and angle of each component

and more! Kevin will provide an in-depth explanation of his method of drawing eyes, from their basic structure to the details that make them that much more realistic.

Mastering the basics of eye drawing can raise the level of one's portrait drawings!

Practice, step by step, how and where to add light and shadows when drawing eyes to create a more realistic drawing.

Take this opportunity to master how to draw realistic eyes and increase your drawing skills!
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