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Graffiti Style Art

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Add some accents to simple outfits!
Learn how to make colorful graffiti-style nail art that expresses Max Estrada's style!

Have fun with this bold and abstract nail design!
This lesson teaches how to make a pop nail design with interesting random lines.

This unique design looks like graffiti art.
Take this lesson to discover how it's made!

This lesson thoroughly explains all the essential points and tips for creating a fun and liberal design with a neat finish!

The end product of this design is, of course, impressive, but even the process of creating interesting patterns will definitely amaze your clients!

The lesson specifically shows:

◆The types of gel used
◆How to create an abstract design
◆Tips for placing rhinestones
◆Tips for achieving a detailed finish

It teaches everything from the above points to Max's special little techniques for creating a unique nail design.

Once you have learned the basics of how to make it, you can tweak the design in any way you like!

Max uses the energetic colors in this tutorial, but you can also make it look cute or cool with different colors.

It works well with simple clothes, but it's also perfect to wear in special occasions.

You can also coordinate the design with different colors of rhinestones!

So take this opportunity to learn and express your creativity with this graffiti nail art.
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