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Mantra Swirl Soap

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Gorgeous marble design soap!
This lesson will teach you how to create two styles of mantra swirls.

This lesson is on how to make a beautiful mix of colors with marble designs.

You will learn how to easily make polished and elegant designs.

The first half of the lesson will be on making large matra swirls.
This design will be on a white base, with yellow, brown, and orange swirls.

The large design will create a very beautiful and elegant soap.

The second half the of the lesson will be using the basic skills you have learned so far to create an intricate mantra swirl.

The first half of the lesson will be using an uncolored base, but the second half will be adding the design in a striped soap.

Also unlike the first soap, which uses casual colors,
the second soap will use gold, giving it a polished and stylish design.

Tips and tricks such as

◆How to add colored oil into molds
◆How to create elegant and intricate designs with the same method
◆How to carefully create beautiful patterns

will be taught as you learn how to make the two soap designs.

This lesson will be using elegant colors, but you can change the color freely.

Different colors will change the impression of the mantra swirl design.
Try making soaps with different color combinations!

This lesson is intended for those who have already gone through the basic lesson.

Click here to master the basics of soap making.

※You will need an acrylic mold to make soap (Expected to be available for purchase on MIROOM in the near future).
※Sodium hydroxide used for soaps can be purchased at drug stores. You will need your seal and an ID for your purchase in Japan.
Sodium hydroxide is a dangerous chemical. As instructed in the basic lesson, please wear an apron, goggles, gloves, and a mask when making soap.
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