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Japanese Design Soap: Mount Fuji Soap

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Try this lesson after mastering the basics of soap making!
This lesson will teach you how to make soaps with a Mount Fuji design.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make Mount Fuji soap.

We will be using a Mount Fuji shaped acrylic mold(※1).

The design in this lesson will be based on the image of Mount Fuji at sunset, so the sky will be sunset colored.
To create this, we will go over how to make a gradient without dividers.

In the striped soap lesson, we went over how to make gradients using dividers,
but this lesson will teach you how to make a gradient in one plane.

By learning this skill, you'll be able to make soaps with blue-to-white gradients
as well as the sunset shown in this lesson.
You'll be able to create more elaborate designs with this skill.

Instructions on other topics, such as

○How to make soap base for narrow sections
○How to add pigment for deeper color
○How molds with complex dividers should be filled

will be covered in detail in this lesson.

This will go over advice on how to properly make your soap.

Once you know how to make gradients, the scope of your soap designs will widen significantly.

Soaps made with just the gradient technique can also look amazing!
Learn these skills and widen the scope of your creations!

The scenery of Mount Fuji in this lesson is a sunset, but a sunny sky can be just as pretty.
Try making this design with the colors you like!

Click here to master the basics of soap making.

※1:To make these soap designs, you will need a mold with dividers (Expected to be available for purchase on MIROOM in the near future).
※Other Notices:Sodium hydroxide used for soaps can be purchased at drug stores. You will need your seal and an ID for your purchase in Japan.
Sodium hydroxide is a dangerous chemical. As instructed in the basic lesson, please wear an apron, goggles, gloves, and a mask when making soap.
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