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Super Boar/ face

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Add the animal of 2019 on your nail design!
This tutorial shows how to create a boar-themed nail art.

The popular Japanese zodiac-themed nail tutorial is back online!
This lesson shows how to create a boar nail art, as 2019 is the year of the boar.

The unique thing about the animal nails mayu creates is their cuteness within craftsmanship.

mayu will explain tips for creating a high-quality nail art
as she makes crafty baby boars with adorable expressions.

She uses one special item to give the design a sense of artistry.
Using this very familiar item mayu creates a colorful cute boar design.

The lesson also includes:

◯How to select colors that add depth to the boar
◯How to fit the "special item" on to your nail
◯How to use/select brushes to draw the boar fur
◯What to use to easily adjust position of the eyes

The video introduces various tips for
creating cute and high-quality nail art.

As this design places an uncommon material onto the nail, filing is required to level the nail.
mayu also shows her ways of fixing in case the filing is overdone.

Once you know how to fix it, mistakes are no longer to be feared!

This design is simpler than the last year's Craft Dog nail art.
Even if you might have struggled last year, no need to hesitate this time!

You can create various types of boars with different patterns and expressions.
Have fun creating your favorite baby boar on your nail!