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Flaky Pastry Made from No-Knead Bread Dough

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Try this lesson after you have mastered the basics of making no-knead dough!
A lecture teaching you how to make flaky pastry from basic no-knead dough

This lesson teaches you how to make flaky pastry from basic no-knead dough
that you have mastered from the other lessons.

Flaky pastry refers to pastry made of thinly rolled dough containing lots of butter.
The dough is folded and baked, resulting in a multi-layered pastry like pie.

There are many kinds of such layered pastry,
but one good point about flaky pastry is that it can be made easily from home.

You can enjoy professionally-baked pastry as if fresh from the bakery without having to step out of your own home.

In this lesson, we will be focusing on the process of folding butter into the dough.
Even if there are complicated hand movements, you can doublecheck them by watching the video carefully.

In addition to teaching you how to fold the butter into the dough, the teacher will also advise you on

◯ The size of the sheets of butter that will be added to the dough
◯ What to take note of when adding butter to the dough
◯ What size the rolled out sheets of dough should be

and more!

This buttery flaky pastry will also surely also be a hit with children!

As long as you master this process, making flaky pastry should be a breeze.
Go ahead and try making lots of flaky pastry at home.

Master the art of making no-knead bread and expand your repertoire of bread recipes!

For those who have not mastered how to make basic no-knead dough
Start learning from here!
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