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Melon Bread from No-knead Dough

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Learn this after mastering how to make dough without kneading!
You will learn how to make melon bread with basic dough.

For this lesson, you will utilize the skills of making dough without kneading
that you learned in another lesson to make melon bread.

You will be able to enjoy the classics of all classics out of all the different kinds of bread,
melon bread at home through learning sakunana's simple method of baking it.

Loved by kids and grownups, by many generations,
melon bread is also popular for breakfast or as a snack.

The steps are simple, so even beginners can have fun while making it!
Once you've mastered how to make it, you will be able to enjoy melon bread at home.

In this lesson,
you'll learn how to make the crispy cookie dough, to how to bake it.

Other than how to make it,

◯How to know when it's finished fermenting
◯The key points to make it round
◯The method to bake a soft melon bread that doesn't shrink while baking

and much more will be taught.

You will be able to watch while learning the complex process of rolling the dough,
so you can rewind and rewatch it until you master it!

As long as you master the steps, it'll be really easy to make,
so please try this at home!

No-knead basic bread dough can be used to bake many different kinds of bread,
so if you master that, the variety of bread you can bake will increase.

For those that haven't mastered how to make basic bread dough without kneading,
you can attend the lesson here!
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