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Making Tiger Bread with No-knead Dough

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Learn this after mastering the steps to making no-knead dough!
You will learn to make tiger bread from basic ingredients.

In this lesson, you will use the skill of making dough without kneading
learned in another lesson to make tiger bread.

sakunana will explain it in a simple way,
so that beginners can also have fun while learning.

Tiger bread refers to bread that has a crust that looks like a leopard print when baked.
It may seem complicated, but it's actually very simple.

The filling is cheese, and the simple flavor is one of the reasons for it's popularity.

It's very simple to make, so you can match it with curry and stew, or make it a snack,
so it's very popular with busy mothers.

In this lesson, other than how to make it,

◯How to roll the dough
◯Things to note when wrapping the cheese
◯How to bake the crust

and more will be explained.

You will be able to watch and learn the complex process of rolling the dough,
so replay and rewatch to master it!

Once you master the steps it'll be easy to make,
so please make lots at home!

You can make a lot of different kinds of bread with no-knead dough,
so if you master that the variety that you can bake will increase!

For those that haven't mastered how to make no-knead dough,
You can learn it here !
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