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Creating a Wand

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This lesson covers how to make the Rainbow Moon Wand,
one of instructor cocotte's representative works!

In this lesson, the instructor will explain how to make
the Rainbow Moon Wand, very popular on her Instagram.

It's a piece of accessory with a pretty rainbow color that can be used as a small ornament.

This lesson covers how to make a hole in the moon-shaped accessory,
how to attach pieces to the wand,
and how to decorate the wand by putting beads inside it.

The tutorial will take you through the whole process, step by step.

In addition, this lesson introduces tips to make your work more attractive such as:

◆Tips on how to place glitter evenly on the moon-shaped accessory
◆Points to be careful when adding beads inside the wand
◆How to make the product more durable
◆Pretty ways to cut ribbons

and more!

Even if there is a difficult section in the production process, you can watch it many times until you master it!

This lesson introduces the Rainbow Moon Wand,
but you can apply its techniques to a variety of works once you master them!

If you like, you can also make the wand with a heart or a star.

The texture of the ribbon placed in the middle affects the overall impression,
so try making the wand with various ribbons!

You can use the wand as a key chain,
a pen decoration, or even a bookmark like the instructor!

Learn the tips and techniques, and try making it with many different colors!
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