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Aurora Crystal

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to make accessory parts that sparkle like an aurora!

Learn how to create aurora crystals that can be made in any number of colors.

This tutorial shows how to make accessory parts with the brilliance of an aurora.

Instructor An explains how to use molds
to easily make parts that give off a gorgeous shine.

Aurora crystals are simple to make,
but just adding one onto a nail immediately raises the glamour level, so they're sure to be a hit at the salon.

You can also make a range of them ahead of time,
so they are very useful for time-sensitive salon work.

This tutorial shows how to use crystal-shaped molds and aurora-effect iridescent film sold by PreMall,
and provides tips on how to make beautiful crystals.

This video also carefully explains many points, like

◯What to look out for before using the mold
◯How to check that your crystal has properly cured
◯The finishing touch for a beautiful crystal shape

and other tips to create beautiful accessory parts.

This tutorial uses pink hues, but you can use whatever colors you like.

The iridescent film used in the video comes in a huge variety of shades,
so you can make crystals in multiple colors to display at your salon.

Change up the colors depending on your clients' personalities and your featured nail designs.

You can combine the crystals with other accessory parts and chains to up the glamour.
Mix and match and try out different combinations!