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Bijou Flowers

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The possibilities are endless!
This tutorial demonstrates how to use accessories to make two bijou flower designs that can stand out on their own or be used as accent pieces!

This tutorial demonstrates two kinds of bijou flower art.

The first half of the video explains how to make a single, 3-dimensional flower,

and the second half shows how to make delicate flower art comprising multiple blossoms.

The designs might look simple,
but they can be tricky to get just right, even when you follow the basic steps.

The secret is in the arrangement of the accessory parts.

While demonstrating how to make both designs,
the instructor carefully explains exactly how to position the parts to create balanced bijou flowers.

In addition, the video is chock full of information, like how to paint the base to make the nail extra cute,
how to add delicate details, how to achieve a beautiful finish, and much more.

The tutorial includes techniques that can be used for creating other designs as well, so master them and expand your artistic repertoire!

The possibilities are endless with these designs.

Just by changing the color you can create vastly different impressions,
so these designs can be used for weddings and can be coordinated with Japanese outfits as well.

These designs, which work year-round and in any number of colors, will for sure be a hit at the salon!

If you've been a bit bored with your go-to flower designs,
please try out these bijou flower nails!