Pastel Pink Flower

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This tutorial explains how to make 3D art with acrylic powder!
It will demonstrate how to make a three-dimensional flower in a peach-pink color.

This lesson shows how to make a simple yet high-impact 3D flower.
The instructor uses acrylic to make a delicate three-dimensional blossom.

A flower made in acrylic powder of the same shade as the nail's base color
is simple but stunning.

Though it looks simple, by mastering the steps to bring out the flower's three-dimensionality and delicacy,
you can make intricate-looking 3D art.

This tutorial thoroughly explains the tricks necessary to create dimensionality that is essential for 3D flower art.

The instructor explains the methods for: making the most of the acrylics to form dimensionality, how to keep the edges sharp for a beautiful flower shape,
and how to make the 3D flower with just enough bulk so it won't get in the way of daily tasks.

In addition, the lesson explains:

◆How to add jewel stones to the flower center and keep them from snagging
◆When to use thick and thin brushes for acrylics
◆The right amount of water to add to your acrylic mixture
◆That one extra step for making the acrylic mixture last
◆How to make a flower with balanced features

and many other tips
that can be applied to all kinds of 3D art.

In this video the instructor uses a sophisticated pink, but you can use any color you like.
He also explains methods of prepping the acrylic color powder, so you can learn this too.

Also, though the instructor finishes off his 3D flower with jewels in the center,
he also explains how to use more acrylic to complete the blossom instead.

Since 3D art using acrylic powder is applied directly onto the nail,
you can do it quickly at the salon.
It's sure to be invaluable for your salon work, so please master the art of 3D flowers!
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