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Instructor An's popular flower design, now available as an online tutorial!

An will demonstrate how to paint an eye-catching dahlia.

In this lesson, the instructor shows how to paint a dahlia that is both delicate and striking.
She explains a simple process that is ideal for salon work.

Flower designs can give off any range of impressions;
An's dahlia design exudes an especially elegant feel.

The large dahlia is high-impact and can be used as the focal design.
But it can also be applied as a secondary design to complement more flashy main artwork.

The design looks highly intricate but can be completed in a short amount of time.
An precisely explains the technique to easily create delicate petals.

In addition, the tutorial includes in-depth explanations of points like:

◯How to give the illusion of depth and movement
◯How to pick up gel to create an easy ombre effect
◯How to adjust the coloring if you're unsatisfied with it
◯How to create a delicate blossom center

and many more.

An will also carefully explain how to complete the look by adding stickers to the painted flower.

This lesson uses a range of pink shades, but you can create flowers with any colors.

Once you've mastered the technique, you can use any color you like.
Choose the shades that best suit your clients and the seasons!

You can add other stickers and gemstones to make the design pop even more,
so arrange it in any way you like and make it your own!

Please master the dynamic dahlia and make it a mainstay of your salon work!