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Stylish Leopard

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Level up a classic design!
You will learn to make An's popular leopard print in this lesson.

In this lesson, An introduces the classic of all classics for Autumn and Winter,
a leopard print design.

You will learn to create a delicate and fancy leopard print design.

There are many different leopard prints,
but the An styled leopard print in today's lesson gives off a feeling of sophistication.

Being able to create a variety of leopard prints will be of great use for salon work.

The leopard print introduced today in An's style is suitable for
those who prefer sophisticated nail art.

While demonstrating how to recreate this, the instructor also explains:

◯How to apply the base gel so that you can create a beautiful pattern
◯How to create the brown color
◯The key to making a well-balanced leopard print
◯The techniques for creating a realistic leopard print

and more.
The instructor goes through the details.

In this lesson, you will create a leopard print in brown shades,
but you may also use gray to give off a different feeling.

Otherwise, the finish for this design will be matte to suit winter,
but a glossy finish and a matte finish both give off a different aura,
so you may change it based on your preferences.

You may add nail stickers and gems to make it more extravagant,
so you can arrange it as you like.

Let's master creating delicate leopard prints
and make use of this skill in salon work!