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French Nail

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Let's Learn from a Nail Artist from a Super Popular Salon!
A lesson teaching you how to do a french manicure, a standard in nail salons!

A detailed explanation starting from the basics that you'd be too embarrassed to ask now and further fine points to take note of!
For this lesson, Riyo will take time to explain clearly how to complete the standard french manicure

If you're talking about a design that's popular regardless of age or season, it'll have to be the french manicure
It's a design that's frequently requested for so there are probably many nail artists who churn it out like it's nothing

But, the french manicure that Riyo makes is different from the rest.
It may look simple, but she uses many tips and tricks to create a finished product that will look gorgeous!

In this lesson, Riyo will carefully explain to you how take the classic french manicure to the next step.

◆Riyo's preferred brush for french manicures
◆The recommended amount of gel to use and how to best apply it on
◆How to make a smooth cuticle line

and more! A lesson that's full of useful tips for work in the salon that'll leave you fully satisfied.

"French manicures are so easy!"
To the person who might be thinking that, this is a lesson especially for you, packed full of points to take note of and tips to make your work look even better.

A french manicure that is well done is compatible with all kinds of designs.

Once you master how to do a french manicure, you'll be able to pair it with various designs to give your customers even more choices!

Take this chance to go back to the basics of french manicures and use what you've learnt effectively in the ssalon!
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