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Flower Styling Using Embroidery Frames

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Make it natural and pretty using wooden embroidery hoops!
Learn how to arrange flowers with embroidery hoops.

This lesson is on a piece of art with flowers and leaves inside embroidery hoops.

By incorporating a wooden embroidery hoop,
the flower styling will be finished with a natural atmosphere.

With the flowers and leaves inside the hoop,
it looks as though the flowers or the leaves are embroidered.

A Beige-colored embroidery frame goes well with any flower or plant,
and so it is a very useful item for flower styling.

This lesson will be centered on how to match the plants and the embroidery frames
to make a well-balanced work.

Also featured in this lesson are;

◆One extra step to make the flowers inside the frame look 3D
◆Tips on making a flower in the frame look more gorgeous
◆How to give the styling some movement

and many more
on the methods of making a seasonal flower styling with embroidery frames.

Once you've mastered the tips on the methods,
try making a piece of art using seasonal flowers with embroidery frames.

In this lesson, the instructor lectures on a flower styling using the three flowers, anemone, rax, and pansy,
and other arrangements using fallen leaves and autumn fruits,
but embroidery hoops work well with any flowers. Please try and enjoy flower styling with various flowers and leaves!
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