Styling with Alphabet Cards

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Create the vibe you desire with Alphabet Cards!
Learn the art of seasonal flower styling with Yoko.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create alphabet cards
and make beautiful arrangements using flowers and foliage.

You can design a picture with a meaningful message
by combining the alphabet cards with the flower arrangement.

The design can be printed and used in postcards or even calendars!

It can also make your Instagram feed stand out!
Combine your imagination with these alphabet cards to create something unique every season!

In this lesson, Yoko focus on how to create the perfect balance
between the alphabet cards and the flower arrangements in the art design.

You will also learn:

◆How to avoid making the art flat by adding movement to it
◆Accessories that instantly make the alphabet cards cute and seasonal
◆How to choose the right card size

... and more!
Yoko shows you how you can use letter cards to create a design that speaks to each season.

Once you master the tricks in this lesson,
you can challenge yourself to make arrangements for each month and season.

In this lesson, you will learn how to style the words "DECEMBER", "WINTER" and "JANUARY".
You can also choose your favorite words as well!

Choose your favorite font, the right word,
and create the right mood, the right feeling for each season.
Make something unique that expresses your true self!
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