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Fluffy Rabbit

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Draw an illustration taking advantage of the characteristics of colored pencils!
Learn how to draw an illustration of a fluffy bunny!

This lesson teaches the techniques of drawing
a cute fluffy bunny with a soft texture!

It can be quite difficult to render
the silky and smooth coat of rabbits in an illustration.

Creating the round, soft form with coloring
all depends on how you layer the colors and what materials you use to draw.

This lesson shows how to draw with water-soluble and non-water-soluble pencils,
and explains the drawing process applying the characteristics of each type of pencils!

The lesson contains:

◆Materials and tools for drawing an illustration
◆How to draw a rough sketch
◆How to color
◆How to layer colors
◆How to utilize the characteristics of colored pencils

It will teach you how to apply colors and various ways of using colored pencils.

It also thoroughly explains ways of achieving a good finish including how to create shadows,
so it's a perfect lesson for illustration beginners as well.

In the previous lesson, we have learned how to draw a red panda.
In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a very realistic-looking rabbit.

Once you have mastered all the techniques and get used to drawing,
try drawing other fluffy small animals
like squirrels and hamsters.

These cute illustrations will definitely grab kids' hearts!

You can also attach these children's-book-illustration-style drawings to a letter
and leave an even deeper impression on the person who receives your letter!

Drawing illustration is a great hobby, and it's also a talent that other people can also view and enjoy.
Take this opportunity to learn a heart-warming drawing that melts everyone's heart in this chilly weather!
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