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Small Red Panda

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Drawing with watercolor pencils and chalk-pastel pencils!
Enjoy learning some techniques to draw a cute illustration!

In this lesson, the instructor will show you how to draw a cute red panda with some detailed illustration technicques such as creating the deapth of color with color pencils.

It's important to enjoy drawing with a passion for what you draw.

Heather works on each drawing process so passionately, that it makes you feel that you want to draw more!

In this lesson, the instructor offers detailed tips on drawing a red panda with a thick coat.

For examples,

◆Tools and materials for drawing
◆How to draw with a light source
◆How to choose colors
◆How to color to create a complex and sophisticated tone
◆How to color an animal coat
◆How to make use of color pencils with different characteristics

The instructor tells you how to draw a fluffy red panda with deeper tone.

She uses not only color pencils but also a different tool for highlights, which makes you realize that there are other ways to express your arts.

Animal illustration is a common motif for healing and used in various industories worldwide!

Once you master it, you can post your illustrations online and start a new career.

When you have masterd how to draw a red panda, go ahead and try to draw some other animals with different types of coats such as cats and lions!

If you are a biginner in drawing illustrations,you might not be used to mixing colors with color pencils.
The soft tone that can be created by mixing colors is perfect for drawing cute animals.

"The instructor explains in detail how to draw a draft, how to use basic tools, and how to color with color pencils.
The lesson is perfect not only for beginners but also for those who have been drawing in your own way.
Enjoy the lesson and learn some useful tips!"
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