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Watercolor: Loose Florals

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Enjoy watercolor painting!
Learn how to draw a loose flower with a unique taste using watercolor paint!

Greatly increase the variety of your designs!
In this lesson, you will learn the detailed steps for drawing a loose flower that has a unique taste.

Watercolor painting, using watercolor paint and lots of water, has become a popular hobby among women in recent years.

It is a painting technique that allows you to create fresh, bright, and translucent art by using blurring effects and adjusting color intensity which is difficult with oil painting.

In this lesson, you will use those loose brush techniques with watercolor paint to draw a light, soft looking flower.

These unique illustrations may look difficult, but they are actually not that hard.
You will be able to draw unique illustrations in no time, so this is a great lesson for beginners to get used to using watercolor paint.

Along with basic techniques that will help beginners improve their skills, you will also learn the tips that Peggy uses for her art and other important points.

The loose-style flowers may look simple at first glance, but it has a very fancy taste created by the exquisite mixture of different colors.

Once you have learned the techniques, use the art for many different occasions.

Letters, envelopes, party invitations; the possibilities are endless.

Are you a complete beginner that wants to learn watercolor art?
Want to learn how to use more colors in your paintings?

If your answer is yes, go ahead and take this lesson with Peggy, and learn how to mix colors and make new colors!

By the end of the lesson, you will be able to draw an elegant and pretty flower with watercolor.

Please enjoy learning how to draw a loose flower with movement to increase your range of skills in watercolor art!
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