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Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer

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A must see for those who are going to sell products or freelance!
Learn about the frequently asked-about topic--how to set your prices!

The basics of business that you wanted to know is thoroughly explained in this video!

In this lesson, learn in detail about one of the most important things in freelance, which is setting your rates.

It's not unusual to start considering a freelance business once you've attained a certain level of skills in handmade accessories and the salon.

The first obstacle that people usually meet, is often the problem of setting rates.

Obviously, just simply selling your work will be difficult to make a living as a popular artist.

To become a popular artist, to increase sales, and to continue freelancing, you need to keep in mind some important points.

In this video, Peggy, who is an entrepreneur and works in multiple fields, will teach the important know-how on setting your own rates for those that are thinking about freelancing!


◆What to be prepared for when working in freelance
◆Attitudes towards hourly wages that you surprisingly might not know about
◆Key points to setting rates different from your competitors

will be explained as focal topics, along with small tips on setting rates in Peggy's style.
This is a lesson filled with know-hows that you definitely want to know.

For beginners and veteran artists as well who wonder,
"I've been selling my art for a while now, but am I doing this right?'",
this content might be a complete eye-opener.

"Should I sell my work online..."
"I just want to improve my current state"

If you have been thinking about these things have already made your first step as a freelance.
So take this opportunity to learn about the key points on rate setting to benefit your business!
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