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4 Ways to Digitize Watercolor Art in Photoshop

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The highly anticipated tutorial for digitizing watercolor art has been released!
Learn how to use Photoshop to enhance your watercolor paintings!

Find the right techniques for you!
In this lesson, you will learn four techniques for digitizing your watercolor paintings.

The light translucent colors created by watercolor paint and lots of water are what make watercolor paintings so beautiful.

It is a technique that has become very common along with oil painting, but some people are troubled by the brown-ish finish that sometimes occurs with watercolor painting.


some of you may want to add your own watercolor painting to a business card or create goods with your watercolor paintings.

You can make all of these wishes come true by digitizing your watercolor paintings.

In this lesson, you will learn the four highly requested techniques for digitizing your art in detail so that even computer beginners can understand.

This lesson starts from the step of drawing the watercolor painting to digitizing, so watercolor beginners will be able to learn many tips and techniques as well.

Master the basic techniques of watercolor painting and the digitizing process as you enjoy watercolor with Peggy.

By digitizing, you can keep the translucent finish and get rid of the parts that you don't want, which will greatly upgrade the quality of your art.

Take this opportunity to find the suitable digitizing technique for yourself and enjoy watercolor painting even more than before!
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