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Create Elegant Place Cards Using Watercolor and Gold Flakes

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Finish up with watercolor and gold leaves for an elegant look!
Learn how to create place cards using watercolor to paint the motifs!

Great for weddings!
In this lesson, you will learn how to create elegant place cards using calligraphy.

Paper items such as invitation cards and place cards are essential for welcoming guests at a special wedding or seasonal events.

Although most people tend to use ready-made items, why not try making your own to show your gratitude towards the special guests?

In this lesson, create exquisite place cards using watercolor and calligraphy as you learn the important points in detail.

For example,

◆Tips for making leaves look more natural
◆How to adjust the shade of colors for an elegant look
◆What to do if you accidentally stained your paper
◆How to write with a light font

are just some of the tips and techniques included in this lesson to help you improve your skills in watercolor, calligraphy, and design.

Once you've learned the techniques, try adding your own touches.
You can try adding more flowers for a pretty look or use more gold leaves to create an even more gorgeous look.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to designing place cards.

No two pieces of watercolor and calligraphy will look the same, making each one of your place cards fancy and unique.

Please enjoy learning the techniques for making place cards, and use the elegant place cards you made to add grace to your special event!
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