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Kiwi-shaped Icebox Cookies

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After mastering how to make basic icebox cookies, you can follow with this lesson!
We will teach you how to make simple and cute kiwi-shaped icebox cookies.

This time we will be making some kiwi-shaped icebox cookies,
which have a simple but cute design.

The best thing about these is that you can make them even without using a cookie mold.

This time the cookies will be round, so they're even easier to make
than the more complex icebox cookies of the previous lesson.

Even if the shape isn't perfect, it just gives the cookies a lovely homemade feeling,
so we recommend this lesson even if you're not confident in your cutting skills.

The important point of this lesson is how to perfectly attach the outer green part
to the inner white part of the cookies.

By merely learning this method, these cookies will turn out perfect.

Starting from the technique of joining the two colored doughs, in this lesson, you will learn:

◯The way of moving the spatula when folding the matcha powder in the dough
◯The trick to making neatly-shaped cookies
◯How to place the kiwi seeds

and more.

Using the basic dough recipe you have already learned, we will explain step-by-step how to do even the more difficult parts.

These effortless kiwi-design icebox cookies can be used, for example,
to accompany a letter or as a small present.

Surely the perfect gift idea for next Valentine's Day!

If you haven't mastered the basic dough recipe yet, here is the video.
This lesson will be advancing from the basic tools and dough recipe taught in the basics video.
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