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Icebox Cookies of Bear Kumahiko

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After you've mastered the basic icebox cookies, take this lesson!
This lesson will be on how to make the icebox cookies of Bear Kumahiko, an original character made by en93kitchen.

In today's lesson, en93kitchen will teach you
how to make icebox cookies of Bear Kumahiko, which is very popular on Instagram as well.

【Who's Kumahiko?】
An original character created by en93kitchen,
who's very good at cooking!
He's very calm but finishes his jobs quickly.
He's in unrequited love and is single, 31 years old.

He has very cute eyes and is a warm, lovely character.

The best part about icebox cookies is that you can make them without cookie cutters.

You can easily make original characters like in this lesson!

In this lesson,

◯the way to move your spatula when mixing the cocoa powder into the dough
◯the tips on how to model the dough so that it turns out nicely
◯the techniques on what to do when air gets in between the dough

will be some of the things en93kitchen will teach.

She will carefully lecture the difficult parts, based upon the methods of cookie dough making and modeling techniques taught in the basics.

After you've mastered the methods, enjoy making Kumahiko with many different expressions!

You can make Kumahiko with different expressions by changing the angle of the eyes.

If you haven't mastered the basics,start here.
In this lesson, the lecture will be done on the assumption that the viewer has mastered the equipment and dough making explained in the basic lesson.
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