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How to Attach Accessory Findings【Advanced】

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Use beads to make ornate accessories!
This tutorial explains advanced methods of attaching accessory findings.

In this lesson, learn how to attach accessory findings
to glass cabochon parts.

While explaining advanced techniques for attaching findings
to make a hair elastic, clip-on earrings, and dangly earrings,
this tutorial shows how to add beads to make the accessories even more elaborate.

In How to Attach Accessory Parts [Beginner] ,
the instructor explained how to use adhesives like glue to create accessories.

In addition to the adhesives, this tutorial makes use of tools like flat-nose and round-nose pliers and a nipper
to make accessories that are even more complex.

Learn how to use flat-nose and round-nose pliers,
as well as how to incorporate findings like eye pins and headpins.

In addition, the video includes tips like

◯An easy way to keep the parts in place while you work
◯The secret to making even more stylish accessories
◯What to be careful of before wearing the accessories

and more.

Even complicated steps are easy to master if you follow the demonstration in this video!

This video shows just one example of each of the accessories.
Master the methods, and the possibilities for your original creations are endless!

You've made glass cabochon parts using your favorite materials;
now combine them with beads of any color to make beautiful accessories!

Compared to accessories that use only glass cabochons,
these give off an even more glamorous impression,
so master these advanced techniques and make even more varieties of glass cabochon accessories!
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