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How to Attach Accessory Findings【Basics】

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After you've made glass cabochons, try this lesson! It will demonstrate how to attach three types of accessory findings.

This tutorial explains how to attach accessory findings to glass cabochons.

As a lesson covering the basics, it will demonstrate how to make three types of accessories: clip-on earrings, a pendant, and a hairpin.

After you've made your original glass cabochons, turn them into accessories and show them off!

Even beginners of hand-made accessories can enjoy wearing original glass cabochon designs by learning the basics of attaching accessory findings.

Maybe you've already tried to attach parts together yourself, but have been unsure whether they're really secure.

This tutorial focuses on how to properly adhere the parts together so they stay put.

Using glue and other adhesives, the instructor will carefully explain what to be careful of and how to handle the adhesives.

In addition, this lesson includes tips like

◯How to keep the parts steady as you work
◯Where to affix the findings
◯How to ensure that the findings are secure

and much more.

Every step is carefully explained so that even beginners can easily master the techniques.

This lesson explains how to attach findings to make clip-on earrings, a pendant, and a hairpin, but the same methods can be applied to many other accessories.

Use findings with similar shapes to create other accessories.

Use the glass cabochons that you made with your favorite materials and wear them as your own original accessories!

After mastering the basics, try the tutorial "How to Attach Accessory Parts【Advanced】" to learn how to make more complex accessories using beads and other materials!
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