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Glass Gel Art with Cabochons

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Mix and match with different fabrics and strings!
This is a lesson on how to encase your favorite illustration or pattern into glass.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a glass cabochon accessory encasing your favorite design or color.
It's a technique that will expand the variations of glass cabochon accessories you can make.

Glass cabochon is a clear dome-shaped ornament that you can find at craft stores.

Make use of the glass's transparency to show off different items like fabric and string.
You can easily create a beautifully patterned glass ornament.

Glass cabochon itself is dome-shaped.
So instead of using materials like resin, it's easier to create a sense of dimension.

This lesson is great for those who've mastered the use of the fabric and string.
It will explain how to create 2 different types of patterns with unique designs and colors.

More specifically the tutorial will teach you

◆How to make an ornament with random colors on top of each other
◆How to ensure beautiful coloring
◆Tips on how to give your work a beautiful finish

And other tips using glitter and fabric that's unique from previous works.
The lesson is filled with detailed tips to make the artwork more stylish.

Once you've mastered the technique, you can encase your own illustrations or solid colors inside of the glass.

Apply the technique you've already mastered using string and fabric to make your original glass cabochon parts.

Master this technique using gels to create a variety of glass pieces
and have even more fun creating your glass cabochon accessories.

Also check out the tutorials
How to Attach Accessory Findings【Basics】
How to Attach Accessory Findings【Advanced】
which explain how to turn glass cabochon parts into accessories by attaching findings!

Take this opportunity to make your own one-of-a-kind accessory!
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