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Glass Yarn Art

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Add more variety to your customizations!
Learn how to make 3 kinds of cabochon beads incorporating thread!

In this lesson, learn the basics of making 3 different kinds of glass cabochon beads
using thread as a decorative element!

Glass cabochon beads are transparent, dome-shaped beads that you can find at handicraft stores.

By making use of the their transparency, you can easily make glass beads with wonderful designs
by creating a pattern using whatever cloth or thread that you have lying around the house.

One advantage of the glass cabochon bead is its dome shape,
which creates a three-dimensional, fish-eye effect that is hard to replicate using only resin.

This lesson is targeted at beginners who just started using glass cabochon beads, and will teach you how to use thin thread to make 3 kinds of beads!

◆How to make beads inlaid with thread
◆How to make beads using thread and cloth
◆How to make beads using thread and glitter
◆What to do when there are air bubbles in the bead
◆Tips on achieving a beautiful finish

The lesson will be focused on the above points and more to equip you with all the skills needed to make your own dynamic glass bead "yarn art".

The technique of creating a multi-colored design using different types of thread
can be used in a wide variety of other crafts, depending on your creativity.

Once you've made your original glass cabochon beads,
try your hand at making them into your own unique accessories.

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you can also learn how to attach findings and more to your beads to make them into accessories.

Learn how to make these unique glass beads incorporating thread, and have fun playing around with customizations!
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