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Glass Laminated Art

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Increase the range of cabochon accessories you can make!
This lesson is on making 3 kinds of glass accessory parts using glitter!

This lesson covers the basic steps for creating clear, high-quality glass cabochon parts
using glitter!

Glass cabochons are transparent dome-shaped accessory parts that one can find in handicraft shops.

You can paste a piece of cloth, strings, or other materials to transparent glass
to easily create beautiful glass accessory parts with patterns embedded inside.

Glass cabochon is good because the cabochon itself is dome-shaped,
so it's cheaper than using resin. It still looks round and three-dimensional,

This lesson will teach beginners how to create 3 types of glitter-filled glass cabochon parts!

◆How to create accessory parts that are packed with glitter
◆How to create accessory parts using cloth and glitter
◆How to create accessory parts using string and glitter
◆An extra step to upgrade the finished product

This lesson will teach the above points and other tips and techniques on how to create glass cabochon parts, which give a sophisticated impression.

The techniques and points you should pay attention differ
depending on what you want to put inside the glass.

Once the original glass cabochons are complete, try and create unique accessories!

In these other lessons,
How to Attach Metal Accessory Parts【Beginner】
How to Attach Metal Accessory Parts【Application】
the steps to attach metal parts to create accessories will be covered!

By using these glass cabochon with flaky glitter inside,
you can create beautiful accessories that you'd want to wear every day.

If you are a beginner, take this opportunity to learn how to make these 3 variations and expand your skills on making accessories!
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