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【Advanced】 Big Khaki-Colored Earrings with Pearls

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Once you've mastered the intermediate level, try this lesson!
This tutorial demonstrates how to make large earrings with a cluster of three flowers.

This video, intended as an advanced application of nail polish flower art,
shows how to make earrings with three flowers in khaki green.

The instructor will apply the techniques from the basic levels
to combine three-petaled flowers into beautiful earrings.

Add glamour to your look simply by wearing these eye-catching, floral earrings.
Because of the refined, subdued color, the accessory is big but not too flashy.

This tutorial focuses on how to use the twist-wrap method to form flowers with wire,
as well as how to add dimension to flower petals.

It covers not just the steps to create the earrings, but also carefully explains how to add just the right details.

The tutorial also covers:

◯Recommended types of nail polish
◯What to do during the shaping process for a clean finished product
◯How to use sieve posts to make earrings

and more.

Using wire to form flowers is rather complicated, so it can be difficult in the beginning,
but carefully follow each step in the video and master the technique!

The earrings in this video are made with flowers of a single color,
but master the technique and create your own original designs!

Use muted shades to give off a sophisticated impression,
or opt for bright colors for a lively look!

Chunky, glamorous earrings are a great accent to any outfit.
Change up the colors to fit your style.

You could also make cute earrings with three different colored flowers.
Use your favorite shades and arrange them in any way you like!
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