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【Advanced】 Ribbon Bow Earrings of Nail Polish Flowers

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When you've mastered the beginner lessons, try this tutorial!
Go beyond the basics of nail polish flower art and create bow-shaped earrings.

This tutorial is an advanced lesson on nail polish flower art
and it demonstrates how to make bow-shaped earrings.

The instructor will apply the techniques from the basic lessons
and will use wires to form a bow.

The intermediate level tutorials covered how to make
complex flowers with multiple petals.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to use these techniques to form a bow.

These accessories are called nail polish flowers
but there's no limit on what shapes you can create and bows will work as cute fashion accents.

Using gold wire gives the earrings a sophisticated feel.

This lesson will focus on points such as:

◯Tips on how to easily shape the wire
◯Taking that one extra step to make the bows more three-dimensional
◯Nail polish especially recommended for creating large motifs

and more.

Using wires to form flowers can be quite complicated. It can be difficult in the beginning
but by carefully following each step in the video, you will be able to master the techniques!

This lesson shows you how to form a red bow motif
but you can choose your favorite colors to make your own creations.

The overall impression of the design changes depending on the colors you choose.
So please try making them with various shades!

The design is cute in one solid color but you can also add a layer of glitter polish
to add some sparkle for even more glamour.

The instructor also explains how to attach your motif onto U-shaped earring hooks
so you can create earrings with your own original artwork.

After you've mastered advanced nail polish flower shapes with this ribbon bow tutorial
try the next lesson,Anemone Earrings!

The instructor will demonstrate how to make an even more complex nail polish flower design!
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