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【Beginners】Polka-dot Earrings of Nail Polish Flowers

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When you've mastered the basics, try this lesson!
Asako Iwase, the instructor, demonstrates how to create a design by layering colors.

This tutorial is a beginner's lesson in manicure flowers, or nail polish flowers,
and demonstrates how to create polka-dot earrings.

By learning to make a design with two colors rather than one,
you will expand your repertoire with this lesson.

A design with just one color gives off a simple impression,
but a second color makes the accessory even more stylish.

By adding a pattern on a delicate wire accessory,
you can create an accent piece for your look.

In this tutorial, grey and white are combined
to create a polka-dot design.

In addition, the tutorial focuses on points like:

◯Tools for forming perfect circles
◯Tips on creating neat polka-dots
◯How to create a design with a rounded, bubble-like effect

and more.

The instructor explains each step carefully,
to help you add variation to your nail polish flower projects.

In this tutorial white polka-dots are added to a grey base,
but use your favorite color combinations to make your own earrings.

The instructor also explains how to attach your design onto earring findings,
so you can create earrings with your own original artwork.

Once you've mastered design application with these polka-dot earrings,
try the next lesson, Hoop Flower Earrings!

This tutorial shows how to make a three-petaled flower design.
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