Mallow's Christmas Lesson -Winter Table Tree-

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What about a handmade Christmas Tree for winter this year?Learn how to make a table tree in Mallow style.

This lesson will teach you how to makea table tree using Squarrosa.

It's a small-sized table tree that you can use to decorate your table or window.

When you think of Christmas, a Christmas tree should be one of the first things that come to your mind.Many people look forward to decorating their own Christmas tree, every year.

Why not trymaking your own Christmas tree this year?A Christmas tree made on your own will make Christmas this year special for you.

Along with instructions on how to make the tree, this lesson features:

◯The order and the angle of the leaves to stick in order to make a nice triangular shape
◯Tips on saving time
◯How to balance out the Berzelia when using them as an accent piece

and many more.The instructor also talks about how to make your own ornamentsand how to use them to decorate the tree, nicely.

In this lesson, the finished tree is decorated with ornaments made with woolbut you can customize your tree in infinite ways!

Just like a normal Christmas tree,it can be decoratedby using ornaments that you already ownor parts that you like. You can enjoy decorating your own Christmas tree.

The tree's atmosphere will change depending on the kinds of items that are used as decorations.Try decorating the tree with various ornaments!

For those of you who are not sure where to buy flower materialsor cannot get them easily, we recommend purchasing the lesson that comes with flower materials!
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