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Plumeria (3-D for Intermediate)

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Intermidiate 3D flower lesson!
Learn how to use 2-color mixtures✨

In this intermediate-level lesson, you'll learn how to use two mixture colors
by making a dimensional plumeria flower.

Plumerias are a staple Summer flower.
Create it with 3D mixtures for an amazing Hawaiian look!

The plumeria art in this lesson is simple but eye-catching.
By using two colors, you can make a gradient mixture for gorgeous fingertips.

This lesson will focus on using 2-colored mixtures
as well as other tips on creating a beautiful plumeria flower.

◯How much powder to use when making 2-colored mixtures
◯How to layer plumeria petals
◯How to beautifully bring out the color

These and other tricks for making high-quality nail art are included in this lesson.

This design uses 5 large petals
but you can arrange it for an even cuter look with 5 small petals.

By mastering the use of 2-colored mixtures,
you can expand the range of your 3D art designs.

Just by changing the color of the petals or changing the motif
you can make 3D art perfect for any season.

You can use vivid colors for a Summer look,
or design girly nails with pastel colors.

Take this opportunity to learn new 3D art skills
and start creating your own beautiful dimensional nail art!

Not very confident with using mixtures?
Start with theBeginner 3D Flower lesson!!
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