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Mallow's at Home Table Bouquet of Sweet Peas

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Let's learn to make Mallow's bouquet at home!
This lesson explains how to arrange a bouquet with Sweet Peas.

In this lesson, you will learn to arrange a bouquet
that goes well with Spring table settings using Sweet peas.

Even beginners in flower arrangement will be able to casually try
creating this bouquet made in Mallow's style.

The bouquet is the staple of flower arrangement,
and by arranging various flowers, they look more elegant together than on its own.

Depending on which flowers you use, you can completely change the feeling it gives off,
which is the biggest charm in arranging a bouquet.

There are many different types of bouquets, but the centerpiece in today's lesson
is of a size that can be displayed as it is, allowing us to enjoy the creation process at home.

It's a flower arrangement that can immediately brighten up your room.
Bouquets like this are much more special if you made them by yourself.

Let's brighten up our rooms with a hand-made bouquet.

For this lesson, while explaining how to create a bouquet in Mallow's style,

◯How to prepare the flowers beforehand so that they tie up beautifully
◯How to create a dynamic bouquet by arranging the flowers in different heights
◯ The key to making a harmonized centerpiece

will be explained, among many other tips.

The essentials to creating a beautiful centerpiece will be explained in detail.

Let's make different bouquets once we've mastered the techniques!
This time, we used Sweet Peas, Chocolate cosmos,
bladder campion and other flowers, but you can alter them based on your preference.

Before you get used to it, you may use flowers similar in shape
to practice and understand the key points of flower arrangement.

When you get used to it, you may choose flowers in colors you prefer,
or flowers that match the atmosphere of your room.

Let's make different centerpieces and enjoy the process of creating interior floral displays!
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