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This special lesson is a Christmas present from mayu!
Learn how to do the latest nail art design for free by taking this lesson.

In this lesson, mayu will teach you how to do a nail art design that's popular on Instagram.

The soft and realistic texture of the design
might make a lot of people wonder how the design is created.

This seasonal design with its soft texture is perfect for the wintertime.
mayu will create this design using unusual materials and techniques. It's unlike any other nail art design you've ever seen.

In addition to discussing how to create the design's texture, this lesson will discuss:

◯Tips on how to color in order to bring out the pattern cleanly
◯Tips on how to make your design more stylish and fancy
◯How to fix the design if the colors are too thin

And more...

The lesson will explain the techniques in detail
so that you can apply the same skills to different designs.

The design in this lesson uses a tree as a motif
but once you master the skills you can use them to make numerous different designs!

For example, you can use other shapes as motifs or create different patterns.
Create your own original and unique design.

You can use the skills in this lesson to make your usual gel-based nail art design into a seasonal wintery one.
Your customers will surely love this unique design.

Use this opportunity to master this unique wintertime nail art design and start using them at your salon.